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Burlacu Tri-Duals 2013

August 25, 2013

The Burlacu Tri-Duals was the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition in all of Moldova. So far we've been able to hold it every year since its beginning in 2011. More and more of the coordination is being taken over by local partners, but they're not quite at the point where they can sustain themselves financially...yet.

We need supporters like YOU to help them carry on the tradition.

Support the Burlacu Tri-Duals by sponsoring your favorite part of the event from the list below. Please commit to helping us this year and consider making it a recurring gift so we can ensure the Burlacu Tri-Duals tradition for years to come.


Rest of the meal - Thanks, McMasters Family!




The Sheep (2013) - Thanks, Mary M.!
Placinta (2013) - Thanks, Howie K.!


Thanks, Golub Family!


SPONSORED (forever)
Thank you, Gibbs Family!


Thank you, 
Connie & Bruce Palmrose!


Thanks, Chloe W.!

Donate some of your spare change

We're finally able to accept monetary donations! If you've happened to find some loose change in your pocket, in the wash or even on the ground, consider putting it to good use and DONATE it to help us with anything from transport for the athletes, equipment, food for athletes at the events or even helping to host a guest. Or, if you feel inspired, give us more than just some spare change. It's up to you. Since Pride Moldova BJJ is run entirely by volunteers, you know that your money will go entirely to programs benefitting the Moldovan athletes.

Help us get a fiscal agent!

Pride Moldva has been around for a while (since 2005). We'd like to be able to help those from the US who help us by giving them the opportunity for a tax reduction when they give to Pride Moldova. Help us find a registered, 501(c)3 organization that we can partner with in order to make this happen.

Donate a new or gently-used BJJ gi

I know, we've posted this at least twice but this is the main thing we've had going for us from the beginning. Second only to volunteering, donating a BJJ gi that's in good shape (or new) can really go a long way in a lot of different ways. Check out other ways you can help us out here.