Pride Moldova 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Future Projects

If you know a registered, preferably US-based NGO who would like to work with us in obtaining and utilizing donated money, and helping the donors with the tax write-offs they deserve, please contact us. Here is a preview of some projects that are yet to come...

Athlete Sponsorship

As many young rural BJJ practitioners graduate from high school, they move out of their communities and into bigger towns, like Chisinau in order to go to university. In their new community, they are sometimes reluctant to continue training BJJ despite a strong desire to do so because the cost of training is higher than they or their parents can afford. In the future, we plan to set up a program so that the athlete will contribute 10% to his or her training and the sponsor will contribute 90% of the gym fees of the respective athlete. We're working through the logistics of this right now so stay tuned!

Armlocks of Love

OK, so you've heard of "locks of love". Well, this is "Armlocks of Love"! Due to be initiated in the next couple of weeks, "Armlocks of Love" is a fund raising plan where people who want to help out by pledging cash will be linked with a BJJ school somewhere around the world. They will donate a predetermined amount of money for every armbar the school's competitors get at competitions within the year. We're still developing the idea of this plan, but it's guaranteed to be an awesome and fun way to help out with our programs.