Pride Moldova 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Get involved.


Want to be part of this project? Here are a few ways you can help. If you have any other ideas, we'd love to hear them.

We need an umbrella!

We're currently on the lookout for an established (preferably US-based, 501 (c) 3 registered) organization that will help us manage donations. We're accepting donations now so we can get a start on our future projects, but we'd love to be able to give US donors a chance to reap the benefits when tax season rolls around. Do you know of an organization that might be a good fit? Contact us. But besides simply donating money, here's what else you can do...

Fund our site!

We'd love to get rid of our "" address and adopt a ".org" address, as we aren't here to make any money. Although Webs keeps giving us different offers, I think we'd be looking at their $7.50 a month offer. If someone could commit to sponsoring us for a year that would be fantastic.

Donate a new or gently-used BJJ gi.

Programs across Moldova are always in need of gis. Since BJJ is still in its infancy in Moldova, only Judo gis are available in the stores. That being said, most people can't afford a Judo gi or even a karate gi. Although the gis donated are currently being given away as prizes to encourage Moldovan competitors to further their development in BJJ, we hope to get back to our roots and outfit sustainable start-up teams around the country. Contact us for an appropriate mailing address


"...but I'm only a blue belt. Moldovans can't learn anything from me." Wrong. Just showing up is an inspiration to these kids and coaches. Show them that BJJ is an international community and they're a part of it. Whether you're a white belt who is a wiz at non-profit law or you're a world champion black belt, we can find a use for your services! Contact us for more info.

Raise awareness.

Talk about your experience with Moldova BJJ. Talk about your visit to Moldova. Share our story and your involvement on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter or even just around your dining room table.